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Phi Sigma Iota

lota Chi Chapter #258 Chicago State University
Chapter Advisor Dr. Virginia Shen

Phi Sigma Iota is the highest academic honor in the field of foreign languages. The Honor Society has initiated over 50,000 members since its founding in 1917. In 2010 a chapter charter has been granted to Chicago State University under the name of Iota Chi Chapter #258 of Phi Sigma Iota.

The mission of the Society:
· The recognition of outstanding accomplishment in the study or teaching of a foreign language,
· An appreciation for divers points of view, derived from the knowledge and use of a foreign language,
· The encouragement of a lifelong commitment to the study and promotion of foreign languages and cultures,
· The pursuit of research in foreign languages and cultures.

April 11, 2014 the Iota Chi Chapter #258:
Chicago State University celebrated its fifth induction of 10 members, including Spanish majors and minors, as well as majors in Bilingual Education, Special Education, Business Administration, and Human Resources at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The memorable ceremony started with a brief history of the Society by the Chapter Advisor, Dr. Virginia Shen, followed by welcome remarks by the Interim-Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Yan Searcy. The department chairperson, Dr. Robert Chierico, also delivered words of encouragement. After being introduced to the aims and ideals of Phi Sigma Iota and agreeing to uphold the beliefs and maintaining an active interest in the objectives of the Society, new members were inducted to the Society. The ceremony was concluded with the faculty lighting the new members’ candles to symbolize the passing on of friendship, research, and languages. A reception, well attended by faculty, current and new members, families, and friends was held immediately following the ceremony. Elections for 2014-2015 Chapter Officers were held. The following are the new officers: President-Oscar Rivera, Vice-President-Tasha Gibson, Secretary-Janet Lopez, and Treasurer-Joseph Anderson.

2010 Inducted Members
2011 New Members
2012 New Members
1. Irma Castro-Monreal
1. Norma Brambila
1. Marta Haro
2. Diana Anguiano
2. María Luz Serrato
2. Diana Castañeda
3. Arnaldo Robles
3. Andrea Guevara
3. Citlalli Lindsey
4. Yolanda Fernández
4. Fabián Rojas
4. Jacqueline Gladney
5. Elvira Ramírez
5. Doris King
5. Tammi Smith
6. Rebeca Rosiles-Fabián
6. Rebeca Batka
6. Araceli Ramírez
7. Brandy Cooper
7. Samantha L. Norris
7. Nancy Franco
8. Erika González
8. Verónica Mastny

9. Juan López
9. Joy Phillips

10. María Guillén

11. Jacqueline Quiñones

12. Eduardo Gutiérrez

13. Melinda Clopton

14. Brittaney Walton

15. Marisol Alvarez

16. Lilyana Flores

2010-2011 events:
  • winter clothes drive.
  • literary circle to selected literary works.
  • two fund-raising events.
  • co-sponsoring the visitation of a delegation from Universidad de La Mancha-Toledo.
  • annual initiation ceremonies are held during the spring semester.
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Phi Sigma Iota is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies where there are additional opportunities for grants, scholarships, and preference for Federal jobs-Entry at GS-7 level if all other requirements are met. New members are recruited by invitation only from established chapters of Phi Sigma Iota. Membership in the society is open to qualified candidates including persons with disability, without regard to age, color, gender, national origin, race, religion, and/or sexual orientation. Members shall meet the criteria of membership. Collegiate or professional members who pay annual national dues shall be active members of the Society. Please visit www.phisigmaiota.org for further information.
Initiation Ceremony is held annually in the spring semester. In 2010 sixteen students were inducted to the Society. Nine students will be inducted this year on April 28.

For further information please contact the CSU Chapter Advisor Dr. Virginia Shen at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature in HWH 301A at extension 2058, vshen@csu.edu.