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CSU French Summer Study Abroad ProgramAt the Université Internationale d’Été de Nice(On the French Riviera)

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Objective: To give Chicago State French language students the opportunity to deepen French language skills and to explore aspects of French culture, in particular the history, literature, and the arts of the “Provence” area of France (Southern part of France).
Length of Program: a 4-week language immersion program starting the first week of July at the Université d’Été de Nice. In addition, students are required (when selected for trip) to participate in pre-orientation sessions from Jan. to May as well as assessment sessions upon return.
Credit: Students will earn 6 credit hours after satisfactory completion of the program.
Admission to the Program:
· Min. age 18. CSU students with a minimum of 2 semesters in French language study or through approval of the department. Language skills will be assessed through transcripts, and/or oral interviews. Some years, the program will be open to French language teachers interested in methodology training in FLE (Français langue Etrangère).
· Students must be in good academic standing (2.75-3.0 GPA).
· A complete application form and a short essay on “Why I would like to study abroad in France.”
· Students must register for FLL 150 (Spring) and FLL 151 in Summer to obtain 6 credit for foreign language study for the experience.
· Approval from both the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and the Office of International Programs.
· Completion of all forms and administrative requirements requested by the university.
Number: Optimal number 10 per year.
Methods: A combination of language classes Monday through Friday coupled with lab sessions and workshops in the afternoon. Visits and excursions are proposed on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays (for example: Old Nice, Museums Matisse & Chagall, Monte Carlo, St. Tropez, Cannes, etc.). Students will also work independently on a research topic using university and city libraries and other resources.
Evaluation of Students: Students will be assessed through oral and written examinations in Nice, France. Upon return, students are required to submit a portfolio of their work and present a completed cultural project (paper, essay, interviews, multimedia presentation, etc.)
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Pre-Orientation Sessions

These sessions take place from Jan through the time of departure in preparation for the experience. Pre-orientation includes a combination of language and cultural study of the region as well as cross-cultural training. Language study consists of conversational practice and reinforcement using the language laboratory. Cultural topics are presented in form of lectures and discussions on the geography, history, and culture of the Provence region of France (1 session a week). Also, students will formulate specific individual goals in terms of language acquisition and cultural investigations in Nice.
· A general introduction of France and the Provence region;
· History of Provence and the development of Provençal identity;
· Provence Literature (readings form Alphonse Daudet and marcel Pagnol)
· Provence thru the eyes of the artists (Impressionists and Post-Impressionists in Provence)
· The Culinary Arts of Provence;
· Cross-Cultural Training: Cultural Differences and how to Resolve Conflicts (Simulation Exercises)
· Cross-Cultural Training: Becoming Ambassadors of Culture.
For more information: Contact Dr. Evelyne Delgado-Norris (2334) or email **enorris@csu.edu**