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CSU celebrates French Week 2015!!!!!!
Students in the French language program and the French club invited the CSU community at large to celebrate French National Week 2015 from November 2 through the 6th with performances, cultural presentations, and a mini French film animation festival.
Every year, French students celebrate National French Week at CSU. It is an occasion to celebrate the study of the French language, but also to present the rich diversity of the French-speaking world and foster an appreciation of the particular histories and the cultural expressions that characterize the francophone world.
Here are some of the highlights:
Monday November 2nd: Opening Celebration on the theme “Liberté!”
A festival of poetry, music, and dance from the Francophone World. Performances by Prof. Deborah Williams (Professor, CSU Music), Lauren Johnson (accomp.), Leonetta Dunn (vocals) and French students. Bravo to all who performed en français!!! Quentin Taylor, Randy Piwowar, Margareth Olatunji, Fargou Banmangbale, Albert Bangroh, and Laura Zavala.
Wednesday November 4th: A Presentation about “La Mode Chic: the Intersection of History, Art, and French Fashion” by Dr. Ann Kuzda le (CSU Prof. of History). As Coco Chanel once stated: “fashion is not something that exists in dress only…it has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Dr. Kuzdale reminded us of that and took us on an extensive exploration of fashion as it reflects on history, politics, global exchanges (of products and ideas), race, and gender identity, just to name a few areas.
Friday November 6th: French film festival: “New Faces of French
Animation” curated by Marcel Jean, artistic director of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, composed of nine best French short animated films from the 2014 Festival. The introduction was given by Prof. Adam Fotos (Lecturer in Art & Design, CMAT). Prof. Fotos gave us the historic background of French animation, its early years and important technologies and trends. After each short, students were able to engage in lively discussions about the aesthetic value and the content of the animated films.
Dr. Ann Kuzdale presenting on French fashion.



Prof. Adam Fotos presenting on French animation.