Foreign Languages Club

We enrich ourselves with many cultures!

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Our purpose is to promote and cultivate a friendly and wholesome relationship among other students. Providing educational material for intellectual awareness of current conditions existing in other countries. We participate in cultural activities!

1. Rebeca Batka-President
2. Lina Cervantes- Vice President
3. Javier Gomez- Treasure
4. Irma Castro- Secretary
5. Guadalupe Ochoa –Assistant
6. Ray Ward- member
7. Amadou Tall- member
8. Samantha Norris- member
9. Eddie Gutierrez- member
10. Eric Rosas- member
11. Noemi Cruz- member
12. Mireya Valdivia- member
13. Reggi Toryne- member
14. Yomi Adekahunsi- member

Recent events:
  • Valentine's Day tamales were sold to fund raise.
  • Annual USHLI conference from the 19th-21st


Anyone interested in joining our club can contact: or stop by the Language Lab Douglas Hall 118.