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Summer Study Abroad Program in Taiwan


As indicated in the mission statement, Chicago State University is committed to encouraging the development of cultural awareness and to producing informed global citizens. The university has established various study abroad programs that enable students to flourish academically and personally. In addition to offering elementary Chinese courses each semester, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Chicago State University has developed a curriculum of 36 credit hours in Chinese language, literature, culture, and Chinese teaching methodology to facilitate credit completion for prospective teachers seeking certification. In 2011, thanks to the bilateral efforts between Chicago State University and the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, a consortium for the study abroad program was signed in by the presidents of both institutions. The partnership has since facilitated academic exchange between faculty and students from both sister colleges.

History of the Study Abroad Program at KUAS:
Through a four-week program in May-June at KUAS, students at Chicago State University have been engaged in an invaluable learning experience about Chinese language and culture. Through application selection process, accepted students are required to enroll in Foreign Language & Literature 2500-03 at CSU, a preparation course offered in the spring semester to better prepare students for the study abroad experience. In the course functional Chinese and general studies about Taiwan are enhanced. Upon satisfactory completion, students then participate in a month-long language and culture program at KUAS. One student in 2004, two in 2005, five in 2009, and seven in 2011 participated in the program. Students are assessed in the language proficiency before and after the trip. Students are also required to keep a travel journal and submit a term paper upon returning for credits. Participated students unanimously agreed that this learning experience was to their academic development, and appreciated this unique opportunity that CSU provided to better prepare them to be citizens of the global society.